Just In: ESPN anchors have complete meltdown after seeing NFL numbers

Liberal entitlement pervades everything they touch. From social programs to sports stations, liberals place themselves on a pedestal and feel that we the fans, their customers, owe them something. Now, they’re getting a very rude awakening.

The NFL is struggling big time after they have decided to support the athletes who have and continue to protest the National Anthem. They are losing their fan base and it’s causing an enormous drop in ratings.

Week 4 for the NFL showed just how poor the ratings are. ESPN is feeling it with a 10% lower rating than the September 25th game of the Cowboys and Cardinals. This is not something that the league is used to. Although the numbers are low for this most recent evaluation, the ratings will continue to drop if they continue to support the protests.

Fans have expressed their disgust with the protests which have led to ESPN making a decision to not show the National Anthem to prevent us from seeing the continued protests. As that was happening, the events in Las Vegas had caused ESPN to reverse their decision.

ESPN has just shown another anthem protest while American’s find themselves in mourning over the tragedy, and this is not what our nation needs to witness as we unite in this situation.

Do you agree that the NFL disgraced our Country and Anthem and made us look weak in the eyes of the world? If you agree then you will BOYCOTT the NFL – You will not watch/go to any games or anything connected with the NFL. Would you do this for your Country?

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