CNN Solves Mystery Of Who Was In White Truck That Prevented Them From Spying On Trump, It’s Actually Shocking Read more: http://conservative101.com/cnn-solves-mystery-of-who-was-in-white-truck-that-prevented-them-from-spying-on-trump-its-actually-shocking/#ixzz52rfMIt00

CNN has been horrified ever since their attempts to spy on President Trump playing golf were thwarted by a white truck blocking their view. CNN immediately came up with the conspiracy theory that the Secret Service was driving the truck in order to stop CNN from seeing him golfing.

The Secret Service “is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media’s view of the President’s golf swing,” the Secret Service responded. However, CNN did not give up. After days of research and investigations, CNN finally figured it out.

CNN found the truck belonged to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office. “White box truck of same type & similar look seen parked at PBSO department parking lot. It remained there today. Spox for PBSO Teri Barbera, reiterated to CNN the truck maneuver was not authorized by management of the detail of the Sheriff’s office,” tweeted CNN’s Noah Gray.

What’s shocking isn’t who was in the truck, what’s shocking is how much effort they went into figuring this out. CNN had mentioned the white truck 23 times. As one twitter user put it “23: The number of times over the past day that CNN has mentioned the white box truck that obscured view of Trump golfing. 0: For comparison, the number of times CNN has mentioned that Politico report on Obama admin’s quashing of Hezbollah investigation.”

This is what makes CNN a joke. The video is far more odd and creepy than you can imagine, check it out below.


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