Eric Bolling Slams Gov. Cuomo For Saying That Trump Is Declaring Civil War On Him With Tax Cuts Read more: http://conservative101.com/eric-bolling-slams-gov-cuomo-saying-trump-declaring-civil-war-tax-cuts/#ixzz52rfto9AN

Liberal politicians all over the country have tried to make it sound like President Trump’s obviously beneficial tax cuts are a bad thing. The most overly dramatic has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who told the citizen’s of New York that Trump has declared “civil war” on them.

“One of the really devilish things in the bill, is they then eliminate the deductibility of state and local taxes, which sounds like a mouthful, but what it says is up until now, for over 100 years, you paid a state tax, you paid a local tax, you deducted that from your federal tax,” said Cuomo.

“They’re eliminating that. So you’re now paying two taxes, you pay a tax to the state, or a tax to the local government. And then the federal government taxes that tax. It happens to occur coincidentally on only blue states,” he said.

Former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling had the perfect response to this. “Elected officials in “blue states” are complaining about @realDonaldTrump tax reform as “unusually hard” on them. Anyone else wonder why the highest tax states are blue (Dem)? NY, NJ, MA, IL, CA. Here’s an idea Governors-> LOWER your State and Local Taxes!! #maga” tweeted Bolling.

Do you think he’s right? Check out his tweet below.

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