POLITICSAll Hell Breaks Loose, After Stormy Sarah Sanders Brutally Responded to Democrats, Leaving them Speechless (VIDEO)///

After a lot of critics from Democrats to Presiden Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders – White House Press Secretary has had enough, showing up on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning and gives them what they deserve. They were criticizing because President didn’t reach across the aisle on the Republican tax reform bill. Being very smart and giving critics it is not always a clever decision. That’s how Democrats working! Sarah Sanders brutally responded, leaving them speechless: “Democrats should have been begging to be a part of tax reform”

According to Fox News: The House of Representatives is set to vote on the bill Tuesday before sending it to the Senate and then the president’s desk for signing on Wednesday.

Sanders pointed out Trump has said many times before that he’s willing to work with Democrats, and he wants to do so.

“He’s invited them to come to the White House on several occasions. Frankly, there were a few of them here last night,” Sanders said, pointing to Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and a “handful of others.”

She said Trump would have been happy to collaborate with Democrats on a tax bill that will give middle-class Americans more money in their paychecks and businesses more money to reinvest in the U.S. economy.

“That’s something that Democrats shouldn’t need to be begged to be a part of. They should’ve been begging and banging down the door of the building behind me to be part of this process and to be part of helping more Americans be more successful,” Sanders said from the White House lawn. “This is a president who is leading on that. If they wanted to be part of that effort, we certainly would’ve welcomed them to be in the process.”

She said Tuesday’s vote is a “huge day,” not just for the White House, not just for Congress, but for middle-class Americans, who are going to see the biggest benefit out of the tax package.

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