Bill Clinton Claims Foundation Funds Didn’t Pay For Chelsea’s Wedding – Wikileaks Hit At Him With Brutal Correction




On Saturday, Former president Bill Clinton took to Twitter to express his anger and rebuffed a report that claimed Chelsea Clinton’s luxury wedding was paid for by Clinton Foundation donations.

“No Clinton Foundation funds—dedicated to Haiti or otherwise—were used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc.”

This ignited a Twitter anger with James Woods, where the actor’s truth bombs came as a slap into Clinton’s face


And inclined Wikieaks to launch an attack on their own.

Wikileaks expressed sharp disapproval of Clinton’s denial by sharing a tweet reminding the world that they can really prove that Clinton’s did use Haiti relief donations to pay for Chelsea’s wedding.

Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation resources for her wedding — email from top Bill Clinton aid Doug Band….

While Clinton’s refuse to admit the truth, the proof is right there on the page, so their rejection of the claims, sounds like anger over being caught red-handed.

Social media also strongly agree with this:

“I did not give funds to that woman Chelsea Clinton.” Sure we believe you Bill! What reasons would we have to think you’re lying?

— Edward Opitz (@Zoomievet51) January 14, 2018



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